What is LocMs?

LocMs is not an agency.

LocMs is the new free website and app making it easy for GP practices to find and book locum GPs in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire.

Is finding locums a bit hit and miss? Fed up of paying high agency fees? Our app simply and easily connects practices directly with locums and we reward you with Amazon Vouchers every time you book through the app.

Why choose LocMs?

Fed up of agencies with their high fees and tie ins? We are.

Practices need locums. Locums need work. A local GP in Nottingham decided to make it easier.

Practices can advertise for locums to fill regular or one off sessions and manage LocM bookings.

Practices can also create and update a Practice profile with information for Locums. This makes it easier to find locums that are a good match.

Amazon Rewards

Practices receive Amazon rewards for making bookings through LocMs and for referring other practices and locums. These are paid quarterly and sent by email.

An average practice could earn over £100 a year in Amazon vouchers for making bookings, as well as £5 for every practice referred and £5 for every locum.

Finding you locums in the Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, Derby and Derbyshire areas.